384 Pcs Drum Sanding Kit For Nail Drill Bits Dremel Accessories Rotary Tool Set

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384 Pcs Drum Sanding Kit For Nail Drill Bits Dremel Accessories Rotary Tool Set

384 Pcs Drum Sanding Kit For Nail Drill Bits Dremel Accessories Rotary Tool Set

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Description: 100% Brand New and Premium Package include - comes with 360 pieces sanding bands and 24 pieces sanding drum mandrels, totally 384 pieces drum sanders set Easy installation - make sure the drum have been screwed tightly, drum mandrels with self-expanding rubber cushion, making the sanding bands close to the manderl firmly and acheiving better finishing; Note: please wear professional safety glasses to protect your eyes, because maybe there are flying grits when the sanding drum turning at high speed Wide Application: Assorted grits rotary sanding set can be used for smoothing inside and outside curved edges, surface preparation, finishing soft and hard exteriors like wood, fiberglass and to shape fine woodcraft designs. The horizontal bar help hold your trousers/long skirts neat and without creases. Specifications: Weight:250g Package Size:17*12*6 Quality:384pcs Color: as shown Sanding band material: aluminum oxide Package includes: 1set*384PCS Drum Sanding Kit 20Pcs * 6.3mm Sanding Band(80 girt) 20Pcs * 6.3mm Sanding Band(120 girt) 20Pcs * 6.3mm Sanding Band(240 girt) 20Pcs * 6.3mm Sanding Band(320 girt) 20Pcs * 6.3mm Sanding Band(400 girt) 20Pcs * 6.3mm Sanding Band(600 girt) 20Pcs * 9.5mm Sanding Band(80 girt) 20Pcs * 9.5mm Sanding Band(120 girt) 20Pcs * 9.5mm Sanding Band(240 girt) 20Pcs * 9.5mm Sanding Band(320 girt) 20Pcs * 9.5mm Sanding Band(400 girt) 20Pcs * 9.5mm Sanding Band(600 girt) 20Pcs * 12.7mm Sanding Band(80 girt) 20Pcs * 12.7mm Sanding Band(120 girt) 20Pcs * 12.7mm Sanding Band(240 girt) 20Pcs * 12.7mm Sanding Band(320 girt) 20Pcs * 12.7mm Sanding Band(400 girt) 20Pcs * 12.7mm Sanding Band(80 girt) 4Pcs * 6.3mm Drum Mandrel(3) 4Pcs * 6.3mm Drum Mandrel(2.35) 4Pcs * 9.5mm Drum Mandrel(3) 4Pcs * 9.5mm Drum Mandrel(2.35) 4Pcs * 12.7mm Drum Mandrel(3) 4Pcs * 12.7mm Drum Mandrel(2.35)

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