Bluetooth Headset Non-earplugs, Noise Reduction Earphone

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Bluetooth Headset Non-earplugs, Noise Reduction Earphone

Bluetooth Headset Non-earplugs, Noise Reduction Earphone

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Product Description Color: Black Bluetooth: 4.2 Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz (2.402-2.480GHz) Transmission distance: 10m Speaker Sensitivity: 1205dB Frequency Response : 20-20kHz Playing Time: About 6-8H Charging Time: About 1.5H Packaging Content: 1 * Wireless Mini Headphones 1. Design - Upgrade Headphone Version is an ear mounted, Not in-ear, no damage to the eardrum. Easy to carry, suitable for everyone, do not fall when running. Wearing in the left ear or right ear, can wear glasses. With built-in microphones for hands-free calls. 2. The speaker is close to the ears but not in the ears, and it will not block the audio. Listen to the surrounding environment when talking or listening to music, safer on the road or in some scenes, more convenient for business, and work. 3. Suitable for 2 ears - suitable for left and right ears, adopting ergonomic structures, smooth body curves close to the ear, making your ears evenly, giving you a better wear experience. 4. Lightweight Design - 10 grams of weight, very light, no pressure or pain in a long time. Ear hanging design and ergonomic design, wireless headphones are stuck on the ear, suitable for everyone, running or driving when driving. 5. Skin material design - the surface of the body is coated with a metal paint, such as the skin is delicate and smooth, and every time we wear is very comfortable. Built-in 90mAH lithium battery to meet your massive demand power and longer battery life. Let your ears are uniform and give you a better wear experience.

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