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Delivery costs

The shipping prices for the products at Fruugo are determined by the retailers who sell them. The charges vary depending on the retailer's location, the destination country and the selected delivery method (standard or express where available).

The delivery cost of each product is displayed on each individual product page.

It is assumed that delivery is within the country of the Fruugo site that you are viewing. If you choose to have the delivery outside of your domestic country, then the delivery charges will update accordingly once you select a different delivery destination country in the checkout.

If you are a registered user, you can change the delivery country for your account under Your Account → Personal Details, so that the correct delivery price will show on the product page. Once you change your country, shipping costs for all products that you browse at Fruugo are calculated based on the new country. 

The total cost for delivery will always be displayed on the last page of the checkout before you submit/confirm your order.

Please note that a very small number of our products carry an additional delivery surcharge fee. This occurs when either when the weight of the product exceeds the courier allowance, or when the delivery address is to an exceptional location that is hard to reach. We would contact you as soon as possible if either case was applicable to your order, and you can choose whether to proceed with the order or to cancel it.